Stealing innovative nations’ Mac malware is not really hard. Here’s how one hacker did it

Stealing advanced nations’ Mac malware isn’t hard. Here’s how one hacker did it

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SAN FRANCISCO—Malware developers are constantly striving to outdo every other with creations that are stealthier and far more superior than their competitors’. At the RSA Protection meeting this 7 days, a former hacker for the National Protection Company demonstrated an approach that’s typically much more productive: stealing and then repurposing a rival’s code.

Patrick Wardle, who is now a stability researcher at the macOS and iOS business management business Jamf, confirmed how reusing old Mac malware can be a smarter and much less resource-intense method for deploying ransomware, remote accessibility spy tools, and other forms of destructive code. In which the technique seriously pays dividends, he said, is with the repurposing of highly developed code created by governing administration-sponsored hackers.

“There are amazingly well-funded, effectively-resourced, very enthusiastic hacker groups in a few-letter organizations that are generating incredible malware that’s completely showcased and also fully analyzed,” Wardle claimed during a discuss titled “Repurposed Malware: A Dark Facet of Recycling.”

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